The i.Terminal® 2

Fast, simple and precise to use: i.Terminal® 2, is a leading-edge digital centration system to deliver a premium customer experience. The i.Terminal® 2 centration system is the perfect match for individualised precision lenses from ZEISS.

With pinpoint precision, i.Terminal® 2 determines the required centration parameters such as PD, fitting height, the pantoscopic angle and the back vertex distance. The measuring process, photo capture and the processing of the data are all done in a matter of seconds. Regardless of the type of frame, the latest centration system from ZEISS delivers reliable and precise results. i.Terminal® 2: digital centration in line with the latest technical standards.


The i.Terminal® 2 is for spectacle wearers who demand the best that technology can offer in pursuit of visual comfort.

"We guarantee the centration process will deliver 100% performance from your ZEISS precision lenses"

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Facts at a Glance
  • Using the i.Terminal® 2 is 60% faster than using manual measuring procedures
  • Taking the personal measurements using an i.Terminal® 2 is 84% more accurate than a manual process.
  • Can be used with any type of frame including large-sized sunglasses and sports frames
  • Fast photo acquisition
  • Accommodates a wide range of heights
  • Autofocus technology allows flexibility in patient positioning
  • Intuitive software, with option for touch screen operation and automated recognition of suspect measurements

(Source: i.Terminal 2 in-house trial conducted by an independent eye care professional in UK in 2012)

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i.Terminal mobile by ZEISS

Start with digital centration – it’s in your hands

Mobile centration is the new way to capture your individual parameters with ZEISS high precision technology. Over 20 years of experience in centration systems are now available in its most convenient form yet. The ZEISS i.Terminal mobile centration system for iPad gathers and calculates basic fitting parameters in a few seconds.

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Zeiss iterminal 2

Zeiss iterminal 2




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