ZEISS Near and Far Lenses

ZEISS offers a wide range of products to serve all wearer needs.


We offer a broad performance spectrum in each lens category to serve individual consumer needs best. The quality of the lenses improve your cosmetic outcome through various features. Thinner and flatter lens designs, freeform quality lenses for larger fields of vision and individualised freeform quality lenses will offer you the highest degree of individual lenses and maximum optical comfort.

As you approach 40, you may notice that it's more difficult focusing at various distances. Perhaps you feel the light isn’t bright enough when you're reading, or your newspaper is getting further and further away from you. It's something that is termed 'presbyopia' and simply means your eyes need some support if you are to see equally well at all distances.

The ZEISS lens product portfolio offers a variety of different products solutions. No matter what vision problem the consumer is facing, you can be sure to find the right offering to your needs within our lens portfolio.


The new portfolio of precision lenses, view here:

Single Vision Zeiss

Traditional reading glasses and lenses for the short-sighted

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Designed for all-round use without encountering any dividing lines on your lenses.

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Zeiss office lenses

From reading lenses to progressive lenses, to lenses for indoor vision: the office lens portfolio by ZEISS

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Zeiss Slimline Lenses

Put an end to digital eyestrain!

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