ZEISS Single Vision Lenses

The customised single vision precision lens

Get focused!

Single vision lenses are lenses with only one dioptric power. They are primarily used for single power distance or reading spectacles.

With reading spectacles you will enjoy clear vision for everything within arm's length. However, anything further away will appear blurred.
The advantage of reading spectacles is their large field of view, making them ideal for reading a newspaper, handicraft work, drawing and everything where you have to concentrate on close-up distances for a long period at a time. They therefore make a good supplement to multifocal or progressive lenses.

With distance spectacles you will find that vision in the far distance is'nt as clear and sharp as it once used to be. The advantage of distance spectacles is the clarity of vision throughout every day activities. i.e driving, playing sport.

Zeiss offers single vision lenses in plastic which are called CLARLET and glass lenses in the MINERAL series.

Benefits of ZEISS single vision lenses:
  • Access to leading edge technology: e. g. hardest ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum and
    self-tinting PhotoFusion® lenses.
  • Better vision and larger range of products to choose from: conventional frames to totally individualised.

Single vision glass lenses are available from ZEISS in many different versions. Depending on the power you need, lenses are available to provide you with an optimum pair of glasses with the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.

Lightest and thinnest lenses possible with Spherical & Aspherical lenses

PhotoFusion avaliable

DVP & BlueProtect

Skylet Tints

Precision Superb
Advanced freeform technology, sharply focused vision over the entire lens.

PhotoFusion avaliable

DVP & BlueProtect

Skylet Tints

Precision Individual
Outstanding technological know-how and optical excellence.

Coated as standard

Fast adaptation

Full use of 3D vision

DriveSafe by ZEISS
One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

Luminance Design®

DriveSafe Coating

DriveSafe Lens Design