ZEISS Slimeline Lenses

ZEISS Lenses fit the bill every time!



Carl Zeiss have pioneered the technology to make your lenses as thin - and comfortable - as possible.

As their name suggests, "high index" lenses are made of materials with a high refractive index. This allows lenses to be made with higher powers, thinner - and thinner also means lighter. Depending on your prescription, you can choose between 4 glass lenses and 2 plastic lenses with high index properties.

If you are farsighted, you'll certainly be aware of the problem - your lenses have a pronounced outward curvature and are thick; they magnify your eyes - and they are heavy.

The solution? CLARLET from Carl Zeiss.

With Zeiss lenses you'll not only see better, you'll actually look better. And if you combine these benefits with an ultra-light frame, you'll hardly know you're wearing your glasses.

Sometimes specially produced lenses are required outside the standard range. This may be advisable if the wearing comfort of the lenses can be improved, e. g. with specially computed, thinner lenses produced using the OPTIMA technique. Or if special visual problems or special visual tasks require unconventional solutions.

With the computer-assisted technique OPTIMA, the edge and center thickness visible in the frame can be reduced to a minimum. Often, the lens can be produced much more thinly than the smallest possible uncut lens diameter allows.

The thickness of plus lenses is heavily dependent on the diameter ordered.

View the interactive demo of slim and light lenses below to see the differences.