ZEISS Sun Lenses

ZEISS sunglass lenses are ideal for any outdoor activity


Sunglass lenses often are the outstanding feature for enjoying your outdoor adventures. With the new ZEISS sunglass lenses you will benefit from optical precision, visual clarity and 100% UV protection for all conditions. So no matter whether you want your sunglasses to be stylish accessories or individually fitted visual devices, rest assured that we have just the right sunglass lenses for you!








zeiss urban lens

ZEISS Urban Lens

Turning heads, repelling UV rays

For colourful individualists, cool fashionistas and easy-going flaneurs: discover sunglass lenses that perfectly match any taste, style or occasion.

zeiss drive lens

Drive Lens

Enjoy the sunny side of the road

Comfortable as a minivan, sharp as a sports car, sun-loving as a convertible: take a load off driving with glare-reducing and contrast-enhancing lenses.

zeiss active lens


Your guard against the elements

Test the limits with unlimited vision: experience razor-sharp contrast and full sun protection with prescription sunglass lenses for wrapped frames.



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Take the test –find out for yourself.

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