LINDBERG // Bettering the very best LINDBERG // Bettering the very best LINDBERG provides a wide array of exciting designs in titanium, horn, acetate, wood and precious metals. With an extended modular system containing billions of combinations, the wearer can create their very own bespoke pair of LINDBERGs. Explore the collections to find out … Read More

Vasuma Eyewear

Vasuma Eyewear was created by three friends in 2005. Jan Vana, Steffen Sundelius and Lars Malmsten set out to create an alternative eyewear brand to challenge the traditional label brands. Vasuma Eyewear is inspired by the best of the vintage … Read More

ClearView Lenses

ClearView Single Vision by ZEISS What is Clearform technology? Clearview is a breakthrough in optics and aesthetics, incorporating complex lens design into the standard single vision lens category. Surfaced ClearView lenses are made with the 7-step manufacturing process called … Read More

PhotoFusion X and Blueguard PhotoFusion X Lenses by ZEISS Clears up to 80% faster * Read More Photochromic lenses should fade back to clear fast so you can always look good and see clearly when you wear them. PhotoFusion X lenses clear … Read More

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