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i.Terminal mobile

Digital centration - in your hands.

Mobile centration is the new way to capture your individual parameters with ZEISS high precision technology. Over 20 years of experience in centration systems are now available in its most convenient form. The ZEISS i.Terminal mobile centration system for iPad gathers and calculates basic fitting parameters in a few seconds.

The application is designed to guarantee userfriendly control through intuitive handling to allow easy capturing of centration pictures. To further increase usability, the ZEISS i.Terminal mobile needs no bulky accessory to the iPad, such as additional cameras or flashes.

Your data is stored on a networking server of the portable i.Com mobile data management system by ZEISS in which the centration system is embedded. This allows for reliable procedures and easy data access from multiple iPads.


  • Simple and fast usage through face recognition.
  • Smaller and lighter than a pupillometer.

In 60 seconds, the i terminal mobile captures all necessary measuring parameters with i.Terminal mobile via iPad.
What does it measure? How does it know where my eyes are in relation to my frame? How does it adapt to individual's appearance?

See the demonstration below