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LINDBERG provides a wide array of exciting designs in titaniumhornacetatewood and precious metals. With an extended modular system containing billions of combinations, the wearer can create their very own bespoke pair of LINDBERGs. Explore the collections to find out more.

LINDBERG specialists for over 25 years

With over 15 collections, each one unique and trendy and of course hard-wearing, there are several that have award winning next to their titles. More than half of the LINDBERG frames weigh only 1.9 grams and this is good news for those who feel the weight of their glasses on their face.

We started stocking LINDBERG frames in 1995.

In 2014 we designed and built one of the first LINDBERG interior designed walls in our Stratford upon Avon shop. Displaying 75 of the best LINDBERG frames on offer, it cemented our commitment to the LINBERG brand.
Nearly 10 years later, we stock over 150 LINDBERG frames, making us one of the largest stockists in the West Midlands.

The Collections


The Lindberg Spirit Rimless collection is an icon among rimless eyewear. The collection is clean design at its best, giving you the ideal glasses if you’re seeking absolute minimalism.


The Lindberg Thintanium collection is an ultra-thin titanium eyewear collection, which benefits from the superior strengths of titanium.


The N.O.W. collection strikes the perfect balance of expressive look and lightness with signature Lindberg elements: thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples. The front of N.O.W. collection glasses are made of premium-grade composite creating a softer look.


As the name Acetanium suggests, this Lindberg collection masterfully pairs the finest natural acetate with our signature titanium. The Lindberg Acetanium collection combines the expressive look of acetate with the adjustability and benefits of titanium.


The air titanium rim collection embodies LINDBERG uncompromising contemporary design. The Rim collection is motivated by minimalistic design, characterized by the absence of excessive decoration.

build your perfect LINDBERG 

01 Schedule your initial Consultation

Book a convenient appointment in store with one of our LINDBERG experts.

02 Design your perfect LINDBERG

Using the LINDBERG Customiser, choose from thousands of choices and create your perfect look. LINDBERG titanium frames come in 36 different colours. You can combine colours of front, temples and temple covers to tailor your unique pair of customised LINDBERG frames.

03 Order frame into store

Ordering your chosen frame from Denmark will take around 2-3 weeks.

04 Try On Your Frames

The moment has arrived- you get to try your LINDBERG frame for the first time. Our LINDBERG expert will go through fit and any adjustments required before we discuss lens technology.

05 Fall In Love With your LINDEBRG

Your custom made frame will be made to your exact specifications at the LINDBERG factory in Denmark. Remember all future routine servicing is FREE of charge.

At LINDBERG they are renowned for the culture of innovation. The company itself is founded on a revolutionary eyewear concept – they call it the LINDBERG building system

lindberg customiser

Servicing my LINDBERG

Free LINDBERG Nose Pads

The perfect fit takes hard work, that is why LINDBERG have spent years developing nose pads, bridges and temples that provide a remarkable level of comfort. No two noses are alike so why should nose pads be one-size-fits-all?

All nose pads are available Free of charge anytime of the year in store.

Free LINDBERG Temple Tips

LINDBERG temples come in a wide selection of minimalistic shapes and sizes. From the thin titanium wire of the spirit and rim collection to the more visible titanium plate of the strip titanium and acetanium collections – all have one thing in common: customisation.

All temple tips are available Free of charge anytime of the year in store.

Replacement Lenses

When considering what the lifespan of your LINDBERG frames, it's worth noting that we can replace your lenses when your prescription alters. Our lens replacement service, called "re-glazing", enables you to keep your existing frame and update your lenses. Better still, you won't even need to leave your frame with us!!

LINDBERG Frame Repair & Adjustments

All LINDEBRG frames come with a 2 year manufacture warranty from the day you purchase your frames. Titanium is a natural element with unique qualities. The metal is ultra-lightweight, durable and extremely flexible. These qualities make it possible to adjust your LINDBERG frame to fit your face perfectly.

internationally recognised -112 Design awards


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