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Lunor Eyewear

Handmade- German- Quality eyewear


Lunor offers understated vintage design and unique quality. The first Lunor frames, which featured a classic retro style, appeared nearly 25 years ago. Their authenticity quickly became the brand’s distinguishing feature.
Featuring meticulous craftsmanship, sophisticated technical details, and perfect finishing touches, each Lunor model feels luxurious and is extremely comfortable to wear.


Each frame requires up to 200 precise stages, most of which involve painstaking work by hand.
Market intern - an independent industry magazine, rated Lunor above 40 other brand suppliers with a grade of 1.35 for first place.
Since 2013 all Lunor Aviator sunglasses come with ZEISS-lenses as standard. This combination means, Lunor sunglasses come with the most superior German lens on the market.
Lunor Eyewear


Since the company was founded, all eyewear has been hand made in Germany. The longstanding collaboration with manufacturers in the south of Germany is an important part of the recipe for Lunor's success. From the first sketch to the final polish by hand, all models are made in Germany – except for titanium frames, which are produced in Japan due to the high level of expertise available there.

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