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Mankind achieves more with ZEISS Lenses

1912 – Carl Zeiss developed the first axially symmetric spectacle lens with pointfocal imagery. With its extensive expertise in the field of optics, the company has succeeded for the first time ever in calculating a spectacle lens entirely according to mathematical formulas. This is how Punktal®, the first precision spectacle lens, was invented. This was also the start for a new branch of business for Carl Zeiss: ophthalmic optics.

2020 – ZEISS now offer sunglass-level UV protection in clear lenses for healthy eyes and vision. All clear ZEISS lenses come standard with full UV protection up to 400 nm, the same level of protection as premium sunglasses

Innovative ZEISS technologies are engineered into every lens, including sunglass level UV protection across the range of clear lenses. So, whether it’s reducing eye strain, widening your field of vision, or increasing confidence when driving, with ZEISS you know you’re seeing the world through the best lens for you.

And now, you have the opportunity to add our new DuraVision® AntiVirus UV coating; an anti-reflective coating that uses nano silver technology to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on the lens surface.





Exactly 175 years ago, ZEISS was founded. 

Carl Zeiss’ small workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Jena has grown into an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and electronics. 

With a wide variety of products and innovative solutions, ZEISS made history over the past 175 years


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In 1969, when Neil Armstrong took that first small step for man, it was a ZEISS camera lens that recorded that first giant leap for mankind, consequently, ZEISS camera lenses have been used on every manned NASA expedition since 1962.

Google Earth sees more with ZEISS Lenses: Google Earth maps our planet in minute detail – and only the purest images make this possible. ZEISS develops and manufactures the special ZEISS camera lenses used for the aerial photography in Google Earth.

Nobel Prize winners discover more with ZEISS Lenses: ZEISS microscopes are used by Nobel laureates and scientists worldwide, enabling an unparalleled variety of research work. ZEISS microscopes make the in visible visible and turn people into pioneers.

Hollywood captures more with ZEISS Lenses; The best directors in the world choose camera lenses from Carl Zeiss to bring their movies to life with extra contrast and intensity. From ‘Lord of the Rings’ to ‘Perfume’ to’ James Bond’.

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What makes ZEISS quality so special?

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