YOU MAWO combines classic craftsmanship with the latest technology: based on a detailed facial scan, a frame is adjusted to a perfect fit, produced in the digital manufactory and assembled by hand. Technology at the service of the individual.



Our entire creation, manufacturing process and crafting is carried out in Germany. Such as the production of the base-, finishing- and dyeing materials.
youmawo eyewear

Using state-of-the-art technology and software, 3D scans of the face are made, creating an avatar with exactly the same facial features and measurements. All necessary adjustments are based on the initial measurements of the model.

YOUMAWO - Your Magic World

Ultra light frames, made-to-measure through digital manufacturing for the perfect fit. 100% climate neutral – Made in Germany


Your YOU MAWO frames are loaded with the latest and greatest tech. Sounds complex, but all we need is the frame of your choice and your face.


Mass Customization: each made-to-measure YOU MAWO frame is produced through powder bed fusion – condensing several layers of polyamide powder into its final shape


After smoothing the frames in a tumbler, leaving it with its matte, velvety surface, the final colour is applied. All models are put together by hand piece by piece – a symbiosis of latest technology and quality craftsmanship



Since the early days, YouMawo have done everything to be as sustainable as possible. The production in Germany is based on demand, not producing stock. Through timeless design they encourage customers to consume responsibly and by constantly adjusting their manufacturing techniques to the latest standards and technologies, they push themselves to treat their resources with the highest respect.

In collaboration with “Fokus-Zukunft”, YouMawo made sure to reduce their CO2 footprint to a bare minimum. Since January 2021 they have been a climate neutrally certified company.



The process starts with a precise scan of the your head with ZEISS VISUFIT 1000. Together with the optician we choose a suitable model from the YOU MAWO range as a starting point. With various parameters such as frame size, bridge width, pantoscopic angle, colour and temple length, we can virtually align the frame to the 3D avatar and, consequently, individually to the face of the individual chosen glasses.

 Once the frame is configured, the lenses are virtually centered. What sets this process apart is that lens selection, frame configuration, and centering are all seamlessly merged into one continuous digital workflow.

 In the final step the lenses and customised frames are ordered simultaneously.

This means after just one visit to our shop, the glasses are configured for an ideal fit and are aligned to the face when they are collected. Customers also benefit from high-quality materials ensuring longevity and durability. If a replacement part is needed, it can be produced on demand at any time.

Our frames are produced in Germany in a climate-neutral process – only the hinges are imported from Austria. A large proportion of the surplus powder produced during 3D printing is recycled, which results in as little waste material as possible. Compared to a conventionally manufactured acetate frame, the carbon footprint of a YOU MAWO frame is significantly lower.


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