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All ZEISS Progressive Lenses are powered by Precision Technology

Every eye is as unique as a human fingerprint. i.Scription technology by ZEISS takes this individuality into account to create lenses specially made for your unique vision challenges – giving you the best solution for your eyes. You will quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of i.Scription optimized lenses when you discover how much better you can see, especially at night and in low-light situations. You will enjoy the absolutely clear focus, high-definition contrasts and more brilliant colors that these state-of-the-art lenses deliver

How does i.Scription® Technology work?

i.Scription®  Technology by ZEISS is based on the ZEISS eye measuring system called the i.Profiler® plus, specifically designed to determine the exact “fingerprint” of the eyes and provide measurements unique to the patient’s eyes. 

A ZEISS i.Scription prescription takes the effects of low and high order aberrations on retinal image quality into account by measuring up to 1500 points on each eye. This is done to provide improved vision corrections that deliver optimal visual performance over a broader range of luminance levels, even under demanding viewing conditions like night driving. 

i.Scription® Technology analyses the circle of least confusion to provide the most accurate prescription possible

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Lenses with i.Scription® Technology. Crisper and more brilliant vision with greater contrast – even at night.


Experience impressive visual quality. For lenses featuring ZEISS i.Scription Technology, the wearer’s personal eye profile is objectively analysed using a special computer-guided measuring system: the ZEISS i.Profilerplus. This profile can be incorporated in the design and production of the lens, making it possible to correct previously undetected visual defects.

 The result: crisper, clearer vision at night and at twilight, reduced glare effects (e.g. from the headlights of oncoming cars), more vibrant colours and improved contrast perception.

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More visual comfort, greater safety. Optimised and fitted with pinpoint accuracy.


Many spectacle wearers experience poor vision at night or at twilight because reduced lighting conditions cause their pupils to dilate. As a result, depth of field is lost and spatial vision is limited, while reflections and poor contrast tire the eye. i.Scription Technology takes into consideration the wearer’s dilated pupils at night within the lens design, helping to improve visual performance in low light conditions.


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