All ZEISS Progressive Lenses are powered by Precision Technology

The ZEISS design philosophy - ZEISS design DNA.

Compelling quality and state of the art innovation are incorporated in
each and every ZEISS progressive lens. Every single lens is
characterized by the typical ZEISS Design DNA. With the distinctive
features that not only make every lens with an engraved ZEISS marking
unique, but also guarantee excellent wearer tolerance.



Advance Freeform Technology

ZEISS is a pioneer in the field of freeform technology. ZEISS has been using freeform technologies in the production of progressive lenses since the mid-1980s. The entire range of ZEISS progressive lenses has been produced with freeform technology since 2009. The advanced freeform technology ensures a highly accurate calculation and surfacing of the lens design.

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Zeiss Lenses

i.Terminal mobile by ZEISS

Fast, simple and precise to use: i.Terminal® 2, is a leading-edge digital centration system to deliver a premium customer experience.

With pinpoint precision, i.Terminal® 2 determines the required centration parameters such as PD, fitting height, the pantoscopic angle and the back vertex distance. The measuring process, photo capture and the processing of the data are all done in a matter of seconds. Regardless of the type of frame, the latest centration system from ZEISS delivers reliable and precise results. i.Terminal® 2: digital centration in line with the latest technical standards.

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