All ZEISS Progressive Lenses are powered by Precision Technology

The ZEISS design philosophy - ZEISS design DNA.

Compelling quality and state of the art innovation are incorporated in
each and every ZEISS progressive lens. Every single lens is
characterized by the typical ZEISS Design DNA. With the distinctive
features that not only make every lens with an engraved ZEISS marking
unique, but also guarantee excellent wearer tolerance.


the zeiss design philosophy - zeiss design dna.

Advance Freeform Technology

ZEISS is a pioneer in the field of freeform technology. ZEISS has been using freeform technologies in the production of progressive lenses since the mid-1980s. The entire range of ZEISS progressive lenses has been produced with freeform technology since 2009. The advanced freeform technology ensures a highly accurate calculation and surfacing of the lens design.

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Zeiss Lenses

The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000: The new era of digital centration

45 Million Points of reference

Nine cameras and 45 million points ensure maximum precision of centration data. The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 generated an 180° visualisation of your head with the frames selected. This gives you the ability to try on at least 7 different frames.
Further, the VISUFIT 1000 generates a 3D digital reconstruction of the face, an avatar which it is possible to superimpose frames, detect the position of the cornea, the anatomy of the eye, the pupil/cornea and customised lens options. This 3D facial reconstruction will be the basis of future ZEISS Visufit 1000 modules


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ZEISS celebrates 110 years of Better Vision

The year 2022 is marked chiefly by an important anniversary. Exactly 110 years ago the company revolutionized the spectacle lens market with its innovative Punktal® prescription spectacle lenses. 


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